Friday, June 27, 2014

my dad

Father's Day is being celebrated a little late this year in our family. And he doesn't care, so neither should you. This year on June 15th he was really busy spoiling his three girls in the Dominican Republic. And how could we not celebrate with Tanner?! I mean if we are going to celebrate him being a father we are going to wait until at least 75% of the children can show up to celebrate with him! So today is the day!! 


Dad's are the best but I am just going to talk about my favorite dad in this post.
Mr. Steve Aste. 
For starters, he is the greatest dad of all time. Let me tell you why.

My dad has tried for the past 23 years and almost 2 months to not raise a princess. So far.... he has failed. (sorry to break it to you dad!) I was raised with a very blessed lifestyle. Although we NEVER had anything "fancy" we had a lot. For example, spending money somewhere like Ruth's Chris would just be absurd and unheard of; but Cafe Rio three times a week is totally reasonable. My dad is nothing short of amazing and he has done an amazing job raising four children. We are not perfect and sometimes we are not amazing but none of that is his fault. He has taught us so much and I have so much to be grateful for. 

My dad is generous. He is always thinking about others. Growing up my dad would always ask, "Jordan, what good did you do in the world today?" Sometimes this question was really easy, "I volunteered at the old folks home." "I helped make 500 sandwiches for the homeless." Sometimes, it was not so easy and I had to come up with whatever I could, "I did not fight with Tanner when he called 'shotgun' before me." "I unloaded the dishwasher after only being asked twice." .... although some were a stretch they always seemed to be acceptable and if anything he taught me that service needs to be done everyday and that we are accountable for doing it.

My dad likes sports. This is something that sets my relationship with him apart from my other siblings. We all get into the NFL season and Tanner really likes soccer, but for me, sports is a little different. I watch espn and sports center by choice, I love to read up on players and potential draft picks. I know the rules of most games and I LOVE talking sports with my dad. And no matter what I say, wrong or right, he makes me feel like I know what I am talking about. 

As I continue writing I realize I could write for days, so maybe I should shorten my post. Here is a list of some things that make my dad really cool.

- he jumped for joy and cheered louder than I have ever heard while we were on a golf course after I made the best shot of my life

- he drove an old loud broken down white explorer for way longer than he ever should have

- he wore a multicolored turban in India

- he fixes a lot of teeth for free. not just when he goes on service trips. but every day.

- he will always eat a bowl of ice cream with me

- he has stayed up late and watched hundreds of hours of SVU with me

- he has kept our family one of the last families in world that doesn't have smart phones

- he has never been mean to my mom. even if she were to flood the basement twice in one month he wouldn't be mean.

- he doesn't hold a grudge against anyone

- his ringtones range from FGL's Cruise to Katy Perry's Teenage Dream

- he gets emotional when he bares his testimony

- he sings every word of the utah fight song every time it is played at a game

- he made me start paying my own bills in the 8th grade

- he takes a lot of "ten minute" naps

- he loves everyone he meets

- he took me to a Blink182 concert when I was in the 4th grade and he took Piper to Hillary Duff as well, so pretty much he will listen to anything and most times you'll catch him singing along to just about every song. 

I honestly could go on forever. There are no words to sum up my love for him and there is no way I could ever make a list of all the cool things he has done. His number one quality is that he is loving. His love runs deep and his passion for happiness, family, and others well being is something I strive to have everyday. He is the best dad. 

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  1. Your dad is amazing. I loved working for him. This is the best.